Spin up additional sidekiq workers

(Tomasz Lotocki) #1


Can someone explain to me how to spin up additional workers to clean up a sidekiq queue, please?

I have found an old topic but it does not work with current discourse distribution.

Thank you!

(Sam Saffron) #2

Simplest way is rebuilding Discourse with


:warning: this will start 8 sidekiqs

:red_circle: Don’t add 2 env sections to your app.yml just add the line to existing section.

(Tomasz Lotocki) #3

Thank you for your answer. I have resized my droplet to 16GB 6 CPU, and increased number of sidekiqs to 12. I see improvement but my top shows that only 3 are 5 of 5 busy:

Or is it the way it should look like?