Very slow sidekiq 5 processed per minute

Any idea or tips that could speed up the process?

If you have lots of cores and ram you can tweak the env variable UNICORN_SIDEKIQS to a bigger number when you crank up ./bin/unicorn (I think it should work for ./bin/rails as well). Just how big depends on CPU cores, ram, database speed, and so on. You’ll need to experiment to find the best value. You can search for some more info here, but this is the basic idea.

And since you’re going to start from scratch again when you do the next import, it doesn’t matter that much right now. :slight_smile:


Hi Pfaffman,

“UNICORN_SIDEKIQS” => “0” this is the default

by making it “UNICORN_SIDEKIQS” => “8” will speed up the sidekiq?

I’m not quite sure. Try and let us know!

This is not the default

if your system cant handle it, it will crash.

Like he said, it depends on CPU and all those things


“UNICORN_SIDEKIQS” => “0” i mean it is default in discourse tho

I can’t see that as the default. Where are you seeing that?

If you’ve set this to zero that might be the root of your issue?

If you set this too high the OS might run out of memory and will start killing processes as per @IAmGav

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I saw it in lib/tasks/qunit.rake

how do i set it tho?

That’s stopping sidekiq during a unit test case run. Qunit is a unit test framework for the front end. Nothing to do with production.

You should be able to set it in app.yml. Have you tried that?

sorry to ask this. where is app.yml located?

Are you running a docker instance?

sadly no :frowning: should i create a app.yml?

You are running a development site for your import. Unless you want to start over and rerun the import you don’t want to switch to the docker install just yet.


is there any way to make the sidekiq faster without switching to docker yet? Thanks Jay!

You should be able to set the environment variable UNICORN_SIDEKIQS manually if you’re not using Docker. Then restart Unicorn.


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