Split post in same topic

Hi, is it possible to split a post in two posts?

We use our forum to write stories. If authors respond to user comments directly in the same post as a new part of the story, the story posts can no longer be linked externally or automatically summarized.

For the existing posts, we would like to separate the reaction to the comments into their own posts directly before them.
Other comments have already been written, so we can’t just take out the reactions manually and put them in a post - or can you slide a post between other existing ones in between?


As someone who runs a forum where stories are posted, I can tell you that it’s not possible to split a post the way you want to. Your only option is copying and pasting into a new reply and leaving a staff notice on the story post that was edited that links to the reply.

Your best bet is user education, but I can tell you from personal experience that it will only get you so far. Some users will insist on posting those comments with the story posts no matter how much you discourage it.


You might want to try the journal plugin: Plugin/Feature for Post series or collections - #2 by 4ong

I’m not sure if it would help with the auto-summary, however I can imagine it might help in visually indenting the comments to the different story posts.

Thanks for your quick reply.
Is it possible to move a post between existing ones - eg. by changing the date (is that even possible)?

You can’t change the date of individual posts, no. You can only change the date of the topic itself which changes all the post dates relative to the new one.

Well, that’s not strictly true, with some database manipulation you could do it, but you run the risk of losing data doing that.

You can move all posts after the one where you want to add the post to another topic. Then you add the post and move the other posts back to the original topic.

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