SQL shared_drafts - будет ли он кэшироваться

(Evgeny) #1

I’m sorry, but I guess it’s not working properly yet.
v2.0.0.beta4 +205


(Jeff Atwood) #2

@eviltrout said the N+1 is fixed. What’s the issue? You are only on +205, you should be on +230 or better.

(Evgeny) #3

In fact, this problem is not solved in: v2.0.0.beta4 +230
I gave in PM (eviltrout) some details.

(Robin Ward) #6

I believe this should fix it - I did not want the shared drafts to be returned by the global latest as it was confusing:

(Evgeny) #7

Everything works fine. Thanks.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

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