SQL to API Bridge

Unsure whether this is the right category.

Besides running Discourse hosted for our forums, we ship a custom SQL engine with many connectors. We are integrating the Discourse API as a supported connector on that platform and since Discourse is free to use we integrate it with the free Open Data license of the SQL engine. It works something like:

select count(*)
from users@discourse

and uses solely the APIs (no direct PostgreSQL access).

Primary use for ourselves is to integrate Discourse more tightly into our back-office processes like automatically registering users from the back-office on Oracle and registering events in our CRM to indicate forum activity of a user.

My question:

where should we enlist for registering this add-on? It is not a plug-in, it glues on to Discourse.


While plugins are listed in either the #plugin category, with official ones under the #official tag, third-party integrations should be announced in the #howto:tips-and-tricks category using a howto style topic.


There is also #plugin:extras which is for Discourse integrations that are not plugins.


Thank you! That answer my question.