Looking for Discourse Integration Support

Looking for any freelance developers experienced with integrating Discourse in other applications. We have a building management system and would like to add a discussion forum component, but instead of building one, we’re exploring integrating and existing solid solution. We found discourse, but integration doesn’t seem straightforward…so we’re looking for someone who can help us with that. If you’re that person, or know of someone, please reach out. Thanks!

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This could be a project my co-op team, Pavilion, would be interested in. Could you elaborate on some of the integrations - is this just visual/navigation, or might there be richer integration, e.g. exchange of data between Discourse and other apps? If the latter this would be a challenge we might be especially interested in taking on.



I might be able to help, especially if what you’re interested in is including Discourse for all of your clients. You can email jay@literatecomputing.com.


It would be the latter, it would require data exchange between our main application and it’s database and Discourses DB. You can PM me for more details.

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Sergio, Jay has worked with us before. He’ll contact you in first instance. Perhaps we’ll get involved later if there is any scope we specialise in. Cheers.

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@merefield thanks for the info i’ll be reaching out to Jay and see what he can help us with. Thanks again!


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