SSL error while installing dev environment

I have problem with SSL while installing Discourse

OK…can you provide more details on what’s not working? We can’t even try to provide support with zero details.

I got this while trying to run cmd “vagrant up”

Wait a second. vagrant up? Are you trying to create a development environment or deploy a production Discourse site?

I try to create a development environment.

Ah, I see now. Didn’t read the error close enough. Let me check something…

Edit: I’m able to start the download of the file mentioned in the screenshot on my end, so I’m not sure what you’re encountering here.

What type of network are you on? Any firewalls or proxies?

My company prohibits any download from cloud store like Dropbox so there is any way to overcome it

Hmm…you should be able to download the file from another network, copy it to your system somehow (like a flashdrive) and then modify the vagrant file to point to the local file. Alternatively, if you are setting up a Discourse dev instance for company purposes, you could try asking IT if they can assist in letting your system access Dropbox.