SSO locked me out of Discourse!

Good point I added this to the end of the site setting description for enable_sso

(WARNING: can prevent anyone from logging in if not properly configured when enabled; also disables invites)


This is a configuration bug that you’ll probably want to get corrected, otherwise your users will also be able to bypass your SSO.

Thanks for the advice but I’m skipping SSO for the moment.

Too complicated to set up for non sysadmin types like me.

There is a Wordpress plugin for this

Thanks, yes I have the Wordpress plugin installed - it’s pretty intuitive, however I’m struggling with the Discourse settings, in particular the following:

I have set the secret key, but I have no idea what the SSO url is and the implications of the override settings.

You can read offcial instruction here

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Many thanks for your help and encouragement.

Finally managed to get SSO working!

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Thanks, I got this work finally. It seems that my server works a little differently. Being a newb, I thought it might help others with the same issue:

the irb command was giving me errors

NameError: undefined local variable or method `irb’ for main:Object

Instead I was getting this prompt after ‘rails c’

1] pry(main)>

This might as well have been in Sanskrit, but a little Googling told me this was an alternate to irb so I just entered the command:

SiteSetting.enable_sso = false

And that seemed to work.

Thanks again!


Fixed the instructions for future travelers.

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Appreciate help guys. Have ssh into my bitnami discourse stack and can’t get the commands to work. When I run rails C I get this error before I even get to running the = false command.

Looks like your app’s ./bin/rails is a stub that was generated by Bundler.

In Rails 4, your app’s bin/ directory contains executables that are versioned
like any other source code, rather than stubs that are generated on demand.

Here’s how to upgrade:

bundle config --delete bin # Turn off Bundler’s stub generator
rake rails:update:bin # Use the new Rails 4 executables
git add bin # Add bin/ to source control

You may need to remove bin/ from your .gitignore as well.

Any advice appreciate as need to get the SSO turned off asap. Thanks!

Sorry, we are totally stretched for resources here, the only install method we support is the official docker based install

Yeah, the rails c we’re looking for is this:

  - file:
     path: /usr/local/bin/rails
     chmod: +x
     contents: |
       # If they requested a console, load pry instead
       if [ "$@" == "c" -o "$@" == "console" ]
        (cd /var/www/discourse && RAILS_ENV=production sudo -H -E -u discourse bundle exec pry -r ./config/environment)
        (cd /var/www/discourse && RAILS_ENV=production sudo -H -E -u discourse bundle exec script/rails "$@")

@zogstrip bug - whitespace is being trimmed from the start of a fenced code block

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@sam Totally understand; should of avoided going for an easy install. Thanks for replying.

the docker install really is the “easy” install imo, it takes us less than 15 minutes including all the waiting.

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@sam - thanks. Will definitely have a look. Out of interest where would you choose to host it? I am currently trailing Amazon, but new to the whole environment and don’t want to make another mistake with the project due to time constraints. Thanks.

AWS, Digitalocean, Linode… there definitely are some good providers out there.

S3 is not a VM hosting service, it’s a storage service. I think you meant to say Amazon EC2.


Thanks for reporting that. I just pushed a fix :water_buffalo:

@Moter8 - thanks for ideas; will check them out.

Here’s what I’m getting back from Terminal (also a newb developer who got locked out b/c of sso plugin w/ WP.

# cd /var/discourse
# ./launcher enter app
# $ rails c
$: command not found
# [1] pry(main)> SiteSetting.enable_sso = false
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
# [2] pry(main)> exit
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
# $ exit

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!