SSO Login redirection issue

Hi, I have deployed discourse on vm, and configured sso, Also have configured application gateway, we have set a path rule /community for forum, on hitting /community/session/sso the app authorises and redirects back to the main website.
For example: on hitting i am automatically redirected back to
When i check the log it has authorised token but at the end it is redirecting to main site.

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This has nothing to do with discourse, Check the SSO provider settings, that’s what is supposed to redirect back to the referrer

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Hi Thanks for the response @itsbhanusharma . Do we need to add /session/sso somewhere in application gateway configuration? I have added redirect URL something like in the application configuration.

I don’t know what SSO provider You’re using so maybe consider referring to their documentation on setting the return url

I am using Azure B2C, I have added redirect URL as I mentioned earlier. Do I need to configure/add anything else.

Hi This can be fixed in ruby code. Below is the path to modify the code.

path: app/controllers/users/omniauth_callbacks_controller.rb