SSO redirects to blank page when user approval is on

Per @sam:

Hmmm, this is a bug we should fix, can you raise it on meta so I don’t forget, will look at it next week.

This issue: We are running into an issue related to Discourse SSO. When users successfully log in using a valid account on our site they are sent back to the Discourse forum–however, they are met with a blank page with something like [discourse site domain]/session/sso_login?9080jnlj098aujsdpfja09ufjpas9… as the URL.

This is seems to be due the user approval feature. We manually approve each user as not every member of our broader site’s community should have access to this forum.

Is there a way for Discourse to present a more meaningful page here?

Here’s my wish list in order of priority:

  1. Discourse allows me to redirect this kind of user to a page of my choosing: this allows me to alter the page design and content to my liking.
  2. Discourse redirects the user to a single topic on my discourse forum site that is read only (user isn’t able to post).
  3. Discourse gives me a paragraph of text that is displayed to user.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Go to Discourse forum site
  2. Get redirected to our site for SSO login
  3. Authenticate with our site using valid account
  4. Get redirected back to Discourse forum site
  5. Arrive at blank page as described above

On my list for monday!

Sweet, Xie xie @sam!

I tested the user approval and am getting

“Account is pending approval, you will receive an email notification once approved”

As soon as I try to log on, I think something else is going on with your SSO.

Can you PM me credentials to an account that exhibits this issue so I can debug further?

Regarding your feature request, it is done.


Should I close this? unable to repro the issue and added the redirect thing anyway which you prefer :slight_smile:

Hey Sam-

Sorry for the delay I’ll test it all out tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your help!

Pretty confident I got this fixed, try again (just deployed a fix)

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