SSO to Joomla site

Has anyone attempted SSO to a Joomla site. My club has an existing Joomla site with a member database and I would like to authenticate Discourse users to that site. I’m having trouble implementing SSO on the Joomla side. I’m looking at the miniOrange SAML plugin but can’t figure out how to connect Discourse to it. Am I headed down the right path with this?

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Does anyone know what SSO protocol Discourse uses? I saw a post that eluded to CAS. Trying to find a Joomla plugin that will work with it.

I’m not sure why you haven’t got a response here. Unless others are waiting for you to do some simple searches on this site. Anyway, I hope this helps as I’m no expert on SSO.

SSO or SAML connection will be by setting an SSO/target URL at Discourse.

Have you read these topics on Discourse and off-site SSO?

Did you find the SAML plug-in?

And here’s a comment about preferring SAML over CAS. Interestingly enough, by the author of this software to help with CAS to Discourse:

Much like the comment above. Note that has useful explanations unrelated to Ruby on Rails:


There haven’t been any replies because this isn’t really a Discourse question to begin with.

OP wants their Joomla site to be authoritative for identity, and as you’ve already linked Discourse can make use of a wide range of sign-in standards. The missing link here is a Joomla component to act as the source of identity and sign in based on one of those standards.


Thanks Remah. I had read through the “Officail Single-Sign-On” thread and it helped me understand the Discourse side of it to some degree. But I couldn’t see that it said which SSO protocol I should be using on the Joomla side.

Thanks for the stackoverflow link. That helps fill in some gaps for me.

I was hoping someone here has already done what I need and might be able to explain in a few sentences the best way to accomplish this integration on both sides.

Thanks Stephen. Yes, I realize this isn’t strictly a Discourse question. I’m sorry if that oversteps the bounds of this forum and I do realize that mostly developers hang out here. Is there another venue that would be better for end-user / installation type questions?

You could try asking the Joomla Community

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