SSO - Two Feature Requests

This plug-in works great, it is missing two things in my opinion.

1. Logout both WordPress and Discourse
If a user logs out of Discourse they remain logged into WordPress.

2. Transfer new Discourse Registrations to WordPress
If a user registers on Discourse.
They come back the next day and click LOGIN on WordPress. It will fail.
They instead have to click the “Login with Discourse” button. A usability issue?

How to fix (1) I have no idea. How to fix (2) however half of the code must be there? as with SSO if I click the “Login with Discourse” it creates the user. Why not create it on registration?

Love to know if plug-in can be updated for (2), before I bash together a script that if a username does not exist in WordPress but does exist on Discourse. To then transfer the user to the SSO URL? … They will only have to do this once.

You can do this now. Search for ‘logout redirect’ on your Discourse forum’s settings page. Add the url to that field.

I’ll look at this some more. The easiest approach would be to style the ‘Login with Discourse’ link as a button.


This could be done with a Discourse web hook, but it’s a lot easier to just let the user be created when they click on the link. Would something like this solve the problem? (the logo would need to be configurable)

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