SSO with Wp-Discourse plugin

Hey Guys,

So, I’m trying to install the WP plugin for the following purpose.

  • Enable SSO on my blog ( so that
    a) Old commenters can be imported to my forum (at as users.
    b) New commenters when signing up to create a comment, will also create a user in Discourse.

  • I don’t want to import posts or topics back and forth from Discourse to WP.

Does this sound right? Just making sure that I’m setting my expectations right with the plugin.

Also, what;s the difference between the PrimeTime plugin and the official Discourse-WP plugin on GitHub?


Yes, I think it will do what you want. The way the SSO works is that all the authentication is handled by the SSO provider (WordPress). When a user logs in on the Discourse site, they are redirected back to the WordPress site to enter their credentials. If it is their first time logging in to Discourse, a new Discourse user will be automatically created for them.

To only use the plugin for SSO, and not share comments between WordPress and Discourse, do not select the ‘Use Discourse Comments’ checkbox.


Thanks Simon,

But I think I got the concept wrong. I’ve set up the plugin successfully. Except that I was expecting new commenters to be created as Discourse forum users as they comment.
In my WP settings anyone who fills up name and email can comment. Perhaps I should additionally check the feature where “Users have to be registered and logged in to comment.” to be able to add them as users in Discourse.

Is this right?

Yes, single-sign-on will create Discourse users for people who have accounts on your WordPress site when they first log into your Discourse forum. So this:

will only work for registered users. It won’t work for commenters who have just left a name and an email.


Got it. Thanks Simon.