Staff notices positioning is ambiguous

I’m just getting around to using staff notices, but have realized that they are confusing as to which post they are referring to. I think it’s very hard to tell if it relates to the post above it or below it.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have it below the divider that separates posts like this?


I think this is partially down to the theme you’re using? The rounded corners at the bottom of the notice mean it feels kinda detached from the post below. I think it feels better here on Meta with the default theme? (I added some notices to this topic as an example)


Thanks David, but I tried with no theme, and it’s still not clear. The example you put here are obvious because one is the first post and the other has the topic map separating it, once you get beyond there is no telling which way it goes if you’re not familiar with it. Try this, remove those notices, reply to me here and add a notice to my reply.

I want in on the action :slight_smile:

edit: It looks correct to me


If anything, the padding is a bit too little:

If you remove the notice above David’s post I feel it’s very easy to confuse which post it refers to. I showed this feature to my mods today and their immediate reaction was that it’s not clear at all.

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