Start Discourse topic from a Twitter thread, like with The Threaded App

With using The Threaded App (, one can create a separate page with the author’s posts joined into a single article.

To do so, they would tweet:

@threadreaderapp unroll

My feature / plugin request is to implement this mechanics for Discourse. Examples:

@discourse new topic
@discourse start discussion
@discoursemeta ask in #support
@discoursemeta report to #bug
@discoursemeta suggest a #feature
@mycommunityname discuss in #mycategoryname

Settings tuning the behaviour of the bot:

  • twitter_unroller_twitter_bot_username
  • twitter_unroller_command_regex
  • twitter_unroller_allowed_categories
  • twitter_unroller_enabled
  • twitter_unroller_autocreate_staged_users
  • twitter_unroller_ignore_hashtags
  • twitter_unroller_ignore_twitter_usernames
  • twitter_unroller_ping_frequency_sec
  • twitter_unroller_send_topic_link_back_to_twitter_thread
  • twitter_unroller_ignore_duplicate_twitter_threads (if asked to unroll by multiple users and/or multiple times in the same thread)
  • twitter_unroller_autoupdate_with_new_twitter_replies
  • twitter_unroller_min_thread_length_required

Hope it makes sense for someone!


That would be great to have!

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Sorry for bumping this.

It would be nice if we can have an option to unroll threads within Discourse, it prettifies the reading experience and I think the embed can recognize a Twitter thread just like unrollapp. Benefits of this perhaps is we can quote and discuss on the content of that thread.

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That would be great. Here is an unroll plugin for Next.js, looks not too complicated to be transformed to a Discourse plugin.

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