Sharing to Twitter

Does Discourse have some kind of plugin or feature for users to automatically share topics to Twitter? This is purely to increase engagement and enable content discovery. Would be very helpful if people can add their Twitter accounts and post to Twitter, when they publish topics, comments.

Just click on the little anchor or chain style link below the post

I believe something like this zap should work.

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I was rooting for ProductHunt-like, clearly-seem sharer. Is this something
the Discourse people will considering implementing in future?

Not really the feature I want. I want ProductHunt-like sharer next to the
reply/compose editor.

Sounds like a plugin area to me.


I use via RSS feed for the categories I want to post.

This is how twitter outputs the msgs.

No, you have lost the point. I was wanting a button on the topic/reply composer, that will allow the user to post a tweet of the topic/reply.

Gotcha. Sounds cool btw.

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