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Install this theme component

You can create any number of stats to display, the stats are populated by the /about page, and you can choose from:

  • topics
  • posts
  • active users
  • users
  • likes
  • chat messages
  • chat channels
  • chat users

and these can be individually set from one of 3 time periods:

  • 1 day
  • 7 days
  • 30 days

Aside from the source and period, you can also configure:

  • title
  • link (optional)
  • manual_value (optional, overrides the automatic value)

The theme also has settings for:

  • banner_title (appears above the stats)
  • show_on (homepage, latest/top/new/categories, everywhere)
  • background_color
  • text_color
  • min_column_width
  • hide_on_mobile
  • plugin_outlet (this is more advanced, to find values for this you can use Plugin outlet locations theme component)

iPhone SE doesn’t obey hide on mobile.

Edit: looks like any mobile don’t follow that setting and the banner is always visible.


And one small UX/UI request — links should look like a link.


Thanks for the quick feedback @Jagster! I just updated it to fix these issues


Hi, @awesomerobot,

Thank you very much for this Theme Component; I definitely snapped this up.

I have a question for you if you don’t mind, as I’m slightly confused. I understand the ‘Active Users’ as it’s self-explanatory, however, what do ‘Users’ cover?

Good question!

Active users is users seen within that 1/7/30 day time period (they visited the site logged in)

Users is the number of new accounts created within the 1/7/30 day time period


Good morning, @awesomerobot,

I’ve spent some time reflecting on this theme component and, based on your answer regarding ‘Users’ and ‘Active Users’, it doesn’t seem as though the information has been refreshed recently. I also seem to have two different values for these metrics.

Here are my stats on desktop:

And on mobile:

Even though the difference isn’t substantial, I can’t seem to figure out where these stats are being pulled from.

I’ve tried implementing a Refresh HTML Code for the Statistics like so:

  setInterval(function() {
  }, 60000); // Refresh every 1 minute (60000 milliseconds)

Note: The code will reload the page every 1 minute (60000 milliseconds). You can adjust the interval as per your requirements.

However, I’m unsure if this can be added into the settings editor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve come to the conclusion it should look like this?

		"setting": "display_stats",
		"value": "[{\"source\":\"posts\",\"period\":\"30_days\",\"title\":\"Posts\",\"link\":\"\",\"manual_value\":\"\"},{\"source\":\"likes\",\"period\":\"30_days\",\"title\":\"Likes\",\"link\":\"\",\"manual_value\":\"\"},{\"source\":\"active_users\",\"period\":\"30_days\",\"title\":\"Active Users\",\"link\":\"\",\"manual_value\":\"\"},{\"source\":\"users\",\"period\":\"30_days\",\"title\":\"Sign-Ups\",\"link\":\"\",\"manual_value\":\"\"}]"
		"setting": "banner_title",
		"value": "Statistics for the past 30 days"
		"setting": "show_on",
		"value": "homepage"
		"setting": "background_color",
		"value": "var(--tertiary-low)"
		"setting": "text_color",
		"value": "var(--primary)"
		"setting": "min_column_width",
		"value": "10em"
		"setting": "hide_on_mobile",
		"value": false
		"setting": "plugin_outlet",
		"value": "above-main-container"
		"setting": "javascript",
		"value": "setInterval(function() { Discourse.__container__.lookup('controller:widget').send('refresh'); }, 3600000);"

However, I get an error message:

javascript: These settings were added. Please remove them and try again.

The stats are pulled from the about page, they use the same data from the table at the bottom of that page:

The data in the banner is refreshed based on the lowest stat period, from the time that the user first saw the banner.

So for example, if you have the banner configured with stats from the last day, after you initially see the banner it will refresh its data in 24 hours. If the banner is configured to show only stats from the last month, the data will refresh a month after you first viewed it (or if you clear your browser localStorage).

It was implemented this way to reduce the number of requests made, so rather than show updated stats every time the banner is viewed, they’re cached in the browser’s localStorage.

This editor is only for editing existing settings, you can not add new ones (or javascript) here at all.

If you’re looking for this banner to update more often, I could add a new setting that will disable caching.

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Hi, @awesomerobot

Thank you for the detailed response and for providing the source of the stats. However, I’m still facing the same issue with the stats displayed on my mobile phone, which has been the case since I initially installed it.

According to my understanding, my stats should have been updated to the following by now:

I have also tried clearing my browser cache, but it hasn’t made any difference.

I would greatly appreciate it if this option is possible, as it would provide a more comprehensive insight into the forum for consumers.

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those look like the stats from /admin, which are probably a little different from those on /about, but regardless… if you update the component I’ve added a setting to disable caching:

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 2.03.15 PM


Wonderful, it functions flawlessly! Once I activated the setting, it immediately refreshed. This approach is far simpler than clearing the cache since I always keep the forum open, along with many others!

Thank you for your dedication!