Status of draft management?

There are a couple of threads here bearing requests for collaborative drafting of posts, and the ability to save and manage more drafts, but they all seem very stale. Can anyone offer me a more up-to-date view of the status of draft management in Discourse?

Here’s my use case:

I moved away from my hometown a long time ago, but I’m running a youth group there to help do some basic financial education and try to help others follow me on the path out of poverty. I can only be there in person about once per month due to the distance, and distance learning is still mandated in their area, so I’ve set up a Discourse forum to be the club’s primary home.

We’re starting up in about two weeks, and I’d like to use the intervening time to draft some of the posts/articles we’ll need early on, and share things with my adult volunteers to help them understand what to expect. Right now, I’m just drafting Markdown offline because Discourse only seems to handle one New Topic draft at a time per user, even though it will hold multiple replies in progress.

I’d appreciate a better way to handle things if you’ve got one.


Have you read Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing? It seems like this could work well in your case.


Thanks, @awesomerobot…and apologies for the delayed reply. That did the trick!