Steady plugin for community funding

Just found about Steady, who is a membership service, similar to Patreon, focused in the European market.

They have users who also run Discourse and would love for an integration similar to Discourse Patreon Integration.

Are there any users of Steady here who want to share how they would use it together with Discourse?


Hi Rafael,

thanks a lot for looking into this! Steady is getting quite big in Germany at the moment and we ( would love to use it for our paid membership model - which will be an important part of our overall business model.

As you said, we’d use Steady very similar to the available Patreon plugin, i.e. integrating it directly into Discourse, so that Users can

  • choose between different tiers directly on our Discourse site
  • choose a payment time frame / method

and so get access to one or more Discourse groups which have access to different categories (It would be nice, if you could assign more then one group to a user, eg “Paying Members” and “Premium tier”.)

Also, it would be great, if the payment notifications (re renewal, payment failure etc. or even invoices) would make use of Discourse pms, so that the whole payment process is neatly integrated and makes for a seamless ux.

We currently don’t have any developer ressources ourselves, but would love to get involved in the development process, if help is needed.

Thanks again!


Patreon plugin does that. Every single patron is in a catch-all default “Patron” group, plus a group for each tier.

That is very different from what the Patreon plugin does.

On the Discourse Patreon Integration we have a clear separation of concerns. Everything payment in on Patreon and Discourse just reads from Patreon remotely. There is no user UI in Discourse about Patreon at all.

This deeper level of integration means it would be a lot more work than the Patreon one. Also it makes it very similar to what Discourse Subscriptions plugin does. Did you take a look at it? Maybe Steady plugin could be a fork of that one instead? Or an alternative payment provider inside the same plugin?


Thanks for your response, Rafael!

Yes, we took a look at it and found it very suitable, though not production ready yet (will provide our feedback soon). And it would be great to see Steady integrated here. Is there anything we could do on our side to make this happen?


Hi there,

is there any progress to have an opportunity to use Steady instead of Patreon? For me the functionality like the Patreon integration works, would be fine.

I am migration soon from phpBB to discourse and it would be graet to start with Steady instead of Patreon.


So far we only had two sites asking for the Steady integration in two full years, so it would take someone willing to sponsor this feature for it to happen anytime soon.

The Discourse Subscriptions plugin is now a mature plugin that offers a similar set of functionality, using Stripe as the payment gateway.


I will have a look on this discourse sub option as well.

But I will write the people at Steady. Maybe they have also an interest in make this plugin happen. :slight_smile: