Using a plug-in to monetize my Discourse

My main question is, is the ProCourse Memberships plug-in still working? One of the tags on it is “broken-plugin.” If it’s not working and maintained anymore, what are some other plug-in options for me to use to get a similar outcome (i.e. payment being correlated with access to a certain special group).

Discourse Patreon Integration
Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse
These are a few that could help.

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So do you mean that the ProCourse Memberships plug-in I linked to no longer works? So is Patreon my only option? (in terms of membership, not ads)

Since it is tagged under broken plug-ins, that is correct. Now I’m pretty sure you can use Patreon to do the same thing by allowing access to categories only if you pay

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This is what you need:


Correct – this is now an official plugin and is currently under ongoing development.