Steam Profile Onebox plugin

I make a simple plugin based in Steam Store Plugin to show a barner of steam profile using

Transform the url of profiles or in

You can see a demo in here

For now, show the data in spanish, but changing the url of image change the language. I would like add “auto” language, but I don’t kwow how. Pull Request are wellcome.

I would like remove “click counter” too.


Added “custom css” to hide the “click counter”


I don’t think there is anything in the Onebox engine that tells you server locale info that would allow you to form that URL dependent on default site language. The alternative would be something from the client like Accept-Language headers on the request, but they aren’t always reliable or 1 to 1 mapping. Defaulting to Spanish isn’t ideal for some.

How about using a config settings list, and let the plugin set-up in the plug config menu UI choose the languages that support? I think the spoiler plugin has a nice clean and simply config example here:

So in summary, use a

enabled_site_setting :steam_signature_language

and something like:

<img src='{SiteSetting.steam_signature_language}/#{steamid}.png'

Simplest way I can think of that it could work.

@fearlessfrog updated!

Thank you :smile:

Really nice. Can we have a pr to one box sir? So all of us could use your amazing code?

Sorry, I thingk that I don’t understand you.

One box is a project? Do you want that I make a PR to a other project?

[quote=“MiguelAngelLV, post:6, topic:35792”]
One box is a project? Do you want that I make a PR to a other project?
[/quote]Yes please! :smiley: He is referring to this:

The exact same thing happened with this plugin:

Oh! Ok :smile:

One question:
When I have put my css’s styles in onebox?

Was to discreet on my earlier post, was on a cellphone at work so couldn’t type many words :stuck_out_tongue: But yea exactly what @erlend_sh said :smile:

Hi, great plugin, one question, how to increase width of profile box?

seems like it’s “half” working:

Sometimes it works, sometimes not and sometimes half.

@repz Steam Signature server fail some times.

@marcospreviato sorry, is the size of images of Steam Signature website.

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