Steps involved to downgrade from 2GB to 1GB on DO?

  1. Create the new VPS
  2. Create a backup file from the existing site and download it to local machine.
  3. Copy the contents of app.yml from the old server to a local file or in notepad.
  4. Point your domain to the new VPS IP, or switch in the public IP you already had on your VPS provider if that’a a feature
  5. Make sure docker installed on your new VPS (follow their guide to install it as required)
  6. Follow the standard install instructions up to the point but not including the discourse setup script
  7. Create the app.yml file in the containers directory (touch app.yml) and paste in the contents from your old VPS using something like nano
  8. ./launcher app rebuild on the new server
  9. use rake admin:create from the Discourse directory to give you an admin account
  10. login, set Allow Restore to true on settings, upload your backup you created earlier and restore.
  11. Check everything is good.
  12. Delete the old VPS after a time.