Upgrade Discourse droplet on Digital Ocean from 1GB to 2GB


I am using Discourse with Digital Ocean’s 1GB droplet. I want to upgrade that 2GB droplet. If i power off droplet and after upgrade 2gb droplet and power on again it works? Do I have to take another action?

It’s worked for me include disk resize (since I don’t plan to downgrade it), but I should note I using Ubuntu 16.04 with stock everything so I can’t say how it’s will go for you if you using other distribution.

Though I would recommend to stop app manually before you start to upgrade just to be sure database integrity is fine. And create / download backups just in case.

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Run discourse-setup and rebuild to adjust the memory usage to take advantage of the additional ram.


Run discourse-setup mean re-install discourse or edit app.yml file and rebuild?

If you run ./discourse-setup it will automatically adjust the memory settings; then you press return a few times and it’ll rebuild.