Sticky New Topic Banner

Hello :wave: With this component the new topic banner will stick to the top of the page under header or on mobile fixed to the bottom of the page. So you can see always wherever you on topic list if there is a new or updated topic.

On Desktop view

On Mobile view (both position top and bottom with Discourse Tab Bar for mobile)

There are two position on mobile and one on desktop.

  • Sticky (top) works on desktop and mobile
  • Fixed (bottom) works on mobile

On fixed to bottom position also support footer nav on iPhone / iPad and Discourse Tab Bar for mobile.

You can also change the new topic banner text alignment to center.

Theme Settings

Credit :heart: This theme component is made from @Johani perfect solution: Sticky see new or updated topic notification - #2 by Johani | Thank you Joe!


Honestly, that belongs in the core version of Discourse.