Stop HTML5 video from autoloading

Continuing the discussion from Twitter (and Dailymotion) video onebox autoplays without user interaction:

Pasting a URL directly to a video creates an embedded HTML5 video, which depending on the browser, may start autoloading. I personally don’t think that’s ideal, so not sure this is a bug or feature. But wanted to start the discussion.


Autoloading is not a problem. Why would that be a problem? It is not playing. The browser should have agency to make this call.


If I open a YouTube video I’d expect it to start loading data because I wanted to watch a video.

If I open a forum thread I don’t want it to start loading a video, I might not even know there is one. It’s a waste of bandwidth/data use.

Take it up with the browser people, not us… typically only the cover image
is loaded use your f12 browser tools to verify this.

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