Storing how often users share posts & topics

(Nik Davis) #1

I think it would be valuable to store how often posts are shared, as well as how often users share overall. It would also be interesting to see through what medium they shared (e.g. twitter, etc). So far as I could tell no metrics are currently stored.

Any thoughts?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Well, there is a badge for sharing that tracks how many times things were shared and to how many different IPs… as well as stats on the dashboard. So I’m not entirely clear what you’re referring to?

(Nik Davis) #3

Ahh thanks! I did manage to miss that. :blush:

I think it would be useful to also track in which medium the link was shared.

(Kane York) #4

That’s a little bit impossible, as the easiest (and in my experience, the most common) way to share is to give someone else a URL. And IRC/emails/text messages don’t usually rewrite the URLs to say what they were transported over…

(Nik Davis) #5

I figured it would be limited to appending a small variable to the URL if they shared in one of the defined mediums (twitter, g+, etc). Beyond that, I can look at the referrer.

For those looking, I think the meat of the info is stored in the incoming_link model. I could stitch together some of this from looking at the referring URL too.

(Lisa Wess) #6

Adding on to what @nikdavis said - the ability to track the number of clicks on each sharing button would be be a value-add for our community as a gauge of interest and engagement. Yes, some people will share direct links without using those buttons; however, we’d like to gauge how many are using the sharing buttons.

(Kane York) #7

I think some analytics were actually run, and the answer was that link copying beat out all of the buttons by some integer factor. (2x, 3x, 4x, something like that)