Nice Share for posts without links

On I’ve gotten the Nice Share badge three times in the last few weeks. However when I checked the posts associated with each badge, two of the posts don’t contain any links and one of the posts isn’t even mine!

I went and checked even earlier badges, and many of them are also for posts without links or posts owned by other users.

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This is about incoming links, not outgoing links:

You get it when you share this thing around, and people click it.


These posts are not the kind I would have shared links to, backed up by the fact that there’s no indicator below the posts saying I linked to them. That is, none of these:

Am I understanding what you meant correctly?

Let me try explaining again. If this link gets out into the world…

See how it says u=codinghorror on the end? That’s the important part for the purposes of this discussion.

Anyone clicking on that gives my account “credit” for the share. If enough unique IP addresses visit the page from that URL, I will get the share badge because enough people (could be you who shared the link, could be me… could be anyone) clicked on that particular link with my username in it.


Okay, I understand how it works better now.

I looked a little more, and I actually did share the most recent Nice Share post… in the same topic. Since it was shared in the same topic there was no indication of the posts being connected, and because of the preview there was no bubble showing how many times it was clicked. But either way, I think that solves the mystery. Thanks!


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