Strange issue with cloudfront sending compressed data

I had an issue the other day where a site that I’d just moved to AWS ( )was getting white pages. the br.js files were getting served compressed from the S3 assets. @falco said it was fine for him, and I invalidated the cache and it worked for me. Hooray.

THen I hear that the site has been down for 2 days for some users with a “white page”. They seemed all to be not from the US. I invalidated the cache again and now I can’t see the site with the same problem.

Is there some secret setting that I missed in cloudfront that’s causing this issue? You guys use it for this site, right?

So, I think that the explanation is that when I copied the uploads from the old bucket to the new one, I also copied the assets, which somehow didn’t come across with the proper meta information. I’ll make a note of that in my “moving to a new bucket” topic…

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