Strange searches in my admin dashboard

(Geran Smith) #1

I was browsing my dashboard today and noticed a bunch of odd search terms in my trending searches. Is anyone else seeing stuff like this?


Two text examples:

mechazoo' union select 0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526 --
mechazoo' union select 0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526 --

I’m assuming it is someone trying to be cheeky and query SQL from the search?

(Dungeon Mistress) #2

Oh my gosh! I was just coming here to ask the same question. I know for a fact that I’ve searched for several things TODAY several times. For example, I’ve done searches for “Black Clover” and “Naruto” at least 4 times each today, but none of them show up here.

Weirdly enough, the first thing on this list was not only searched ONCE, but TWICE.

My question is: Why aren’t any of the things being searched for multiple times in this? And if it’s going by number of users, how on earth did 2 people search for this Japanese lady? :wink:


(Jeff Atwood) #3

I don’t think we should bother showing data here if the number of searches is lower than, say, five @techAPJ. Otherwise it leads to weird support questions like these :wink:

(Sam Saffron) #4

The bug though is on dashboard even on meta it shows rediculous results, if you click through to search logs which uses a 1 week interval it is full of interesting info, there is a bug in dashboard

It should simply unconditionally use the 1 week interval

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I don’t think that’s enough protection on a low volume site… we still need to show no data unless there are at least {x} of those searches. Showing one-off weirdness to people just leads to support questions like these.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Agree that on low volume sites the results are … odd we can suppress at a certain threshold, for example here is a screenshot from my blog, the results are not terrible, but they are also not particularly useful, that said the admin dashboard is all a bit weak for my blog use cause so many things are blank:

But the bug here the OP is talking about is the far more severe one as seen on meta: (both shots below are from meta, where plenty of searches are happening)

:arrow_double_up: makes no sense given when you click through you get:

Also … an aside, the information presentation in dashboard is far better cause it is way easier to reason about percentages than do maths in head, we should emulate that in the search logs.