Strange searches in my admin dashboard

I was browsing my dashboard today and noticed a bunch of odd search terms in my trending searches. Is anyone else seeing stuff like this?


Two text examples:

mechazoo' union select 0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526 --
mechazoo' union select 0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526,0x5e2526 --

I’m assuming it is someone trying to be cheeky and query SQL from the search?


Oh my gosh! I was just coming here to ask the same question. I know for a fact that I’ve searched for several things TODAY several times. For example, I’ve done searches for “Black Clover” and “Naruto” at least 4 times each today, but none of them show up here.

Weirdly enough, the first thing on this list was not only searched ONCE, but TWICE.

My question is: Why aren’t any of the things being searched for multiple times in this? And if it’s going by number of users, how on earth did 2 people search for this Japanese lady? :wink:


I don’t think we should bother showing data here if the number of searches is lower than, say, five @techAPJ. Otherwise it leads to weird support questions like these :wink:


The bug though is on dashboard even on meta it shows rediculous results, if you click through to search logs which uses a 1 week interval it is full of interesting info, there is a bug in dashboard

It should simply unconditionally use the 1 week interval


I don’t think that’s enough protection on a low volume site… we still need to show no data unless there are at least {x} of those searches. Showing one-off weirdness to people just leads to support questions like these.


Agree that on low volume sites the results are … odd we can suppress at a certain threshold, for example here is a screenshot from my blog, the results are not terrible, but they are also not particularly useful, that said the admin dashboard is all a bit weak for my blog use cause so many things are blank:

But the bug here the OP is talking about is the far more severe one as seen on meta: (both shots below are from meta, where plenty of searches are happening)

:arrow_double_up: makes no sense given when you click through you get:

Also … an aside, the information presentation in dashboard is far better cause it is way easier to reason about percentages than do maths in head, we should emulate that in the search logs.


we made various fixes to this, looks good now