AI Bot searches appearing in dashboard search logs

Another bug (in my opinion) is that this both is severely interfering with our search data. I only made a handful of queries (maybe 4-5) and this is some of what it did to our search data for our users.

I’ll also likely submit a support ticket for this so our search data for our users isn’t skewed by this.


This is not coming from the AI bot. I just reviewed the code and we only populate the SearchLog when an IP address is provided. The plugin is not tunneling and IP address through.

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Those searches were only from the day I enabled the bot, and only showed up immediately after I used the bot.

I cannot imagine someone snuck in that many searches on the 10 minutes after I enabled the bot and asked it questions on those exact things.


We can have a look at the exact culprits in data explorer, do you mind if I have a look tomorrow?


Not at all!