Strategy to increase real names and profile usage?

Strategy to increase real names usage and profile.

We have discourse forum for supporting face-to-face meetups and (70% of audience is remote anyhow).
Our estimation is that only 50% of our audience have Facebook account. We would like to have real names policy (and avatar pic, some fields in profile) for those who wants to post as it generates more trust and confidence. There are no topics that need anonymous discussions in our context, so this is generally fine for our community to have real names and avatars.
Some of the approach might be to keep standard (email and Facebook) registration and the same logic as standard and

  1. Popup when person tries to post first post. Then popup then invites him to add real name and avatar. So this is somehow close to Signup call-to-action when you read for a while but for those who already registered to fill in additional fields.
  2. Closed category with access for those who filled in profile
  3. Downloads are possible for those who filled in profile.
    What do you think? + question is if there is some plugin that somehow close to that. Thanks
  • Popup at first post with request to fill in profile
  • Closed category with requirement to fill in profile
  • Downloads possible only for completed profiles

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Could you simply enable full name required in site settings?


thanks, Joshua. This is less technical, more community building question as everyone might use Mike M or other shortened or fake names at registration (when people have limited trust).
the question is rather how to gradually increase real name usage AFTER initial registration.

From the begining less people have trust and willing to disclose identity (as everywhere), as they gain trust and recongize some people who they know they might start filling profile and some personal details. We just need some advice how to grow that.

The natural step for newcomers that are interested is own posting, so we might use that to ask to fill in picture and more details at that step.
Also the professional style profile inside forum might help, although DS have limited profile options and targeted at more “linking the profile with external profiles”.

Anyhow its not clear how to implement that because Trust Level 0 allows to start posting without asking to fill in additional info. So, part of the question is how configure Trust level 0 to archive that.

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To avoid this problem, my choice was to use only twitter connect signup.


Thanks a lot - it is very reasonable. Thats might be very good solution (we also would vote for Linkedin as we talk for professional level meetups in our case) BUT. In our country (Russia) twitter penetration is low and Linkedin is blocked.
As a result, there might be the need to have extended profile inside the forum and some strategy to motivate members to fill in. Again, thats the unique country situation. But anyhow, appreciate your idea.


Got it! Didn’t know what you were looking for so I went for the simple answer first :smile:.

I’m thinking that you’re going to need a plugin to do this. To start, I’d suggest looking into the Autobiographer badge SQL - you should be able to integrate that into a plugin which adds a new requirement to more from TL0 to TL1 (just don’t ask me how to do that :wink:).

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Thank you very much, it is very good proposal, we will look into that. Anyhow in addition to that, we would need to extend DS profile and potentially doing something to limit TL0 posting only for those who filled in profile (which is not possible as we understood with standard configuration). Again - many thanks.

PS. it seems that Autobio badge gives right direction but how to integrate it with trust levels its not that clear

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Make something happen on the profile page.
So users want each other to visit their profile pages.
Give each user a personal forum in their profile?
Only the user can start posts. Either Public or Private.
The profile would have a greater value.
Perhaps fields would then be filled to increase visitors?


Very good proposal, it is very much like linkedin logic where user can ask most actions from profile (and not topic or timeline) from another user (like endorsements) - this is very good idea and we will think thought it. Many thanks!