How can we require a full name?

Our forum is not private, but yet we have users named ab and other unrecognizable names.

How can we require a full name be added at registration?

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Have you tried PMing them and asking them to change it?

Thanks, but I’d much rather set expectations ahead of time, than worry about playing catchup later. (Not that they couldn’t set AB as their “Full name” … but the field name does convey it’s intended use.

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I know that development can’t be rushed, but I’d love an official “yes, we should do this” or “no, we’re not interested”


No paying customers are currently asking for this :wink:

How’s that for an answer? :laughing:

I don’t mind it, but we really need to focus on working towards having a company that can pay the salaries of everyone that works there at the moment.


Use a 3rd-party registration system that requires it & SSO authentication. :slight_smile:

Also it’s worth mentioning that when you say this, you probably mean (based on previous posts…) that you want it required at the time of invite accept, not our standard new user signup registration dialog.


Yeah, our forum is 75% invited, 25% self-enrolled/approved. You are correct, this would only help that 25%

My plan at the moment is to give up on this approach, and start using this importer, based off input provided in a third party form.

GitHub - vindia/discourse_user_importer: A tiny script to import users from a CSV file into Discourse

There’s a setting to make the full name field required.