Stuck on “currently upgrading...”

  1. Receive E-Mail “new version available”
  2. Click the “upgrade with the one-click-browser-upgrade” link
  3. Land on https://my.discourse.instance/admin/upgrade
  4. See Currently upgrading… button in the discourse status column

Why is it stating that it is (already) doing an upgrade? Is it really already that what one-click-browser-upgrade is telling me?

  1. Click Currently upgrading… button
  2. Land on https://my.discourse.instance/admin/upgrade#/upgrade/discourse

Nothing is happening in that black “terminal view” thing, but in Firefox Devtools it states “unreachable code after return statement”:

What is wrong here? This is happening on a plain Debian 9 with Discourse installed after Beginner Docker install guide

What you mentioned in step 4 sounds like a previous upgrade did not clean up properly. Go ahead and try clicking “Reset Upgrade”, then return to /admin/upgrade and attempt to upgrade again. If that still fails, you’ll need to upgrade via SSH.


this worked. thx :+1: