Stuck with 500 error after weird bugs and a rebuild

This droplet’s been running for 2 years, and I think it was the standard install instructions. I was just running on the 2nd latest release prior to everything breaking. I didn’t edit the version in app.yml prior, so it should have defaulted to the tests-passed branch.

I’m currently attempting to set up a new droplet and restore my backup there. But I’m struggling to get anything to show up, maybe due to my app.yml settings for cdn on static assets or trying to use the ip instead of a url.

I’m going to try restoring in a new droplet. But do you have any advice on how to do so without immediately pointing the hostname to the new ip address? Ideally want to set up/restore the site without anyone being able to access the new admin creation page on first load of a new discourse instance. But when I try things like setting the hostname to the ip in app.yml, things aren’t working. (I think I’d done this before and it worked, but I understand that the instructions say you can’t)