Styleguide compatibility file has been removed

When the styleguide plugin was moved into core, the .discourse-compatibility file was deleted from the repository, effectively removing the plugin on all installations, including those on stable that do not incorporate the plugin.

I think it might be a good idea to restore that file :slight_smile:


As in you would like to source the plugin from the master branch for stable install.

I am not sure we can support that (@joffreyjaffeux?) am pretty sure this will break. We plan a new stable release in 3 weeks or so.

Maybe just fork a particular commit on styleguide to your own org and then use that for stable for now?


Yes given how close we are to the release you should try to make it work on your own hosting with a patch. Also I don’t expect many people to use styleguide, this was a very very niche plugin prior to it being added to core.


This was not about getting it to work on our own hosting (we already keep a repository of forks of all plugins for the stable branch), I was just reporting this because I still managed to bump my head and was trying to prevent others in encountering the same.


Yes thanks for the info, hopefully someone else hitting the issue will find the topic, even though I expect it to be close to 0 users (hopefully).



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