Submit blocked email and IP to StopForumSpam


(Dan Dascalescu) #1

I’ve followed the 2013 spam topic and would like to suggest a simple enhancement to the “Delete and block this email and IP” button: submit the email address and IP to using their API.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

You will need a key in order to do this – that’s how we keep track of what’s going on. In order to obtain your own key, please join our forums and check out this page to start.

I checked into this, and it’s “don’t ask us, we’ll ask you” joining.

We also had mixed results when checking their results by hand against live spam IPs. Overall I feel it is a waste of time versus Akismet, which is already supported, and can bayesian train to the actual content on your site.

(Dan Dascalescu) #3

Too bad SFS didn’t compare well with Akismet in your tests. It’s been a quick way for me to see how spammy an IP has been (I tweaked MyBB’s /admin/users/ page to hyperlink the IP to a stopforumspam search).

For what it’s worth, I wrote a MyBB plugin for and have an API key I can donate.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

A good PR we would definitely accept would be a link on a user’s admin page to look up their IP at – sort of like the geolocation link that’s already there.

(Kane York) #5

Just throw it in with the existing lookup, because that’s already making a request to an external service.