Submit blocked email and IP to StopForumSpam

I’ve followed the 2013 spam topic and would like to suggest a simple enhancement to the “Delete and block this email and IP” button: submit the email address and IP to using their API.


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You will need a key in order to do this – that’s how we keep track of what’s going on. In order to obtain your own key, please join our forums and check out this page to start.

I checked into this, and it’s “don’t ask us, we’ll ask you” joining.

We also had mixed results when checking their results by hand against live spam IPs. Overall I feel it is a waste of time versus Akismet, which is already supported, and can bayesian train to the actual content on your site.

Too bad SFS didn’t compare well with Akismet in your tests. It’s been a quick way for me to see how spammy an IP has been (I tweaked MyBB’s /admin/users/ page to hyperlink the IP to a stopforumspam search).

For what it’s worth, I wrote a MyBB plugin for and have an API key I can donate.

A good PR we would definitely accept would be a link on a user’s admin page to look up their IP at – sort of like the geolocation link that’s already there.


Has this gone anywhere?
I would really appreciate having at least a “SFS lookup” on the admin page.
Bonus would be having “Delete spammer and report to SFS” too, as mentioned in the first posting.

We have no plans for this, since Akismet works so well for us. It would be “belt and suspenders”. So it’s a community PR if you want to fund it or work on it, be our guest!