Subscription plugin (Stripe) Cannot set yearly subscription only monthly

In the discourse subscription plugin (stripe). When you create any subscription it always defaults to (month). I cannot create a subscription for (year).

Anyone else have this issue?

Are you able to change the dropdown? Are you running on the current version of the plugin? Best way to tell is open app.yml and copy/paste the plugin section here.

@Paul_King1 Were you able to resolve this?

I may have encountered somewhat of a similar bug, but unclear if it is identical to the issue you flagged out here.

@Justin I was able to change the dropdown and select either day, week, month or year (1). After selecting day for example, I was able to save the plan successfully (2), However, upon revisiting the plan, no matter which billing cycle value I selected, it will always show as monthly (3). The value will be greyed out and locked in.

Checking Stripe | Products dashboard, the billing cycle reflects the chosen billing cycle ok. If day was selected, the interval shows it as daily. If week was selected, the interval shows it as weekly … and so on.

Plugin version is 2.8.1, is this the latest?

Okay so this seems to be a visual bug with the admin panel – something isn’t connecting up correctly with the Stripe API. The actual plan is correct. I’ll add this to my list to fix.

We haven’t bumped the version number and don’t usually in our plugins. The most important is to make sure you’re pulling from in your app.yml file.


Kind of, anyway it’s fixed here

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