Success Stories | Looking for examples of improved NPS

Hi community! I’m looking for examples of Discourse companies who saw improved NPS (or other metrics for user satisfaction) after standing up their Discourse. Can you share your experience? Thanks!


Hi Caitlin! :wave:

Does NPS stand for “net promoter score”?

I don’t know about that personally, but wanted to clarify for others. :slight_smile:

Yes! So sorry. Stuck in acronym world - it does stand for Net Promoter Score; but any type of user satisfaction metric is helpful!


We have migrated our Community Software AG Tech Community & Forums to Discourse several years ago and I can say we definitely improved our NPS.
Some of the improvements we we got are:

  • Before migrating to DIscourse we had to use 3 platforms for the different functionalities we needed and to integrate them had to rely on a search integrator and Single Sign on. We’d spend a lot of our time fixing issues with all of these.
    Discourse was able to fulfill all our requirements with some customization, so we don’t have these issues any more.
  • We are using categories as content types, and have a forum, knowledge base, news, events and few other categories. In addition, we use tags for different company products - this way we have everything in our platform.
  • Gamification is good. All kinds of notifications can be setup.
  • Discourse uses API-s for everything, which makes it super easy to integrate anything.
  • There are limitless customizations (more than needed TBH).
  • The team is experimenting a lot with AI lately, which is great. You can already implement a GPT-4 powered bot that can read the forum or look up stuff in google.