A user success story

(Jason Gillikin) #1

For the last year or so, my company has used bbPress within Wordpress for our “community forum.” Seemed like an attractive solution at the time, but in practice, only our team used it. Lo and behold, our original hosting provider – a company I will have been loyal to for a full decade this coming February – seems to be in a state of decline. So the time was ripe to do something different.

Long story short: Migrated to Digital Ocean. Did a one-click install of Discourse on a 2GB RAM instance. Hardened Ubuntu. Spent a few hours familiarizing myself with Discourse (I had no idea I had used it before, several times, on different sites) and getting stuff configured. Then, late last night, I announced the new infrastructure to our social network.

Discourse flies. It does what I want it to do, and out-of-the-box defaults make a ton of sense.

Kudos to the team for building a kick-butt solution.

(Louis Rossouw) #2

Great, you might want to make it a clickable link in your announcement.