Successful Migration


Over the past week, we’ve migrated our community to Discourse. Our experience so far demonstrates the power of open source:

  • @pfaffman was available to handle the database import on short notice
  • @joebuhlig did a beautiful site design
  • The hosting is excellent with terrific support
  • @michaeld was very friendly and helpful as we considered Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)

To complete this migration from start to finish within a week is incredible. But what was interesting to me is that it came together with a globally distributed team from the official Discourse team to members of the Discourse community. Open source for the win: quality + speed + affordability + options for clients, plus sales and profit for the project.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the new site and look forward to our journey with Discourse! I’m grateful to everyone who has invested in this project and made Discourse what it is today.

Edit: I was asked to provide a link to our site. To honor the request, here it is: