Suggested posts seem to be missing on forums without Discourse AI

On both the forum I help run, and Replit Ask, there are no longer suggested posts showing below topics. However, there are suggested posts as a toggle under topics here on Meta. It seems to me that when Suggested topics are available but Related topics (AI) are not, Suggested topics simply don’t appear at all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Read a topic on AMC or Replit Ask.
  2. Note that there are no suggested topics at the bottom of the post.

I understand that the suggested topics have been renamed “New & Unread Topics”, but the content is the same. The HTML content still shows #suggested-topics.

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I don’t see any here at meta in mobile mode. There is nothing after the topic action buttons.
In desktop mode there were "new and unread topics " and “similar topics” next to each other some hours ago


I think you should see these tabs at the bottom on mobile:

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I can see those here on Meta, yes:

But not on Ask or AMC:


We’re aware of the issue and it should be fixed soon by:


I don’t :woman_shrugging:
I tried safe-mode and the incognito mode of the browser. But since it works for @Firepup650 this seems to be a different issue

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Ok, I saw them. But after I read the new topic the buttons disappeared. So now there is nothing again. So I think it is the same issue. Since there are no new and unread topics and I did not choose to see similar topics, no buttons and no topics are shown

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Tested a bit more here on Meta, and I can see @Moin’s issue.

My steps:

  1. Have multiple suggested topics
  2. Set the filter to “Related”, then back to “Suggested”
  3. Read all your suggested posts
  4. Note that the selector vanishes

I merged the PR, which I believe fixes both issues. Please let me know if not.


Seems to resolve the original issue I was facing (Edit: Only on AMC, perhaps Ask hasn’t updated), but appears to have no effect on @Moin’s issue.


I think the fix is live here becaise similar topics appear for anon users. But they don’t appear for me

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Works now :tada:


Bumping this because I found a new issue with this:

If your preferred category is empty, it correctly defaults to the other one, however that changes your preference to the one you hadn’t selected, and must be manually changed back once your preference is available again.


Thanks for letting us know! I’ll take a look at this later today and post an update here once I have a fix.

Fixed via: