Suggestion for amendment to 'You are not allowed to vote on...' warning

I have started playing with this plugin. Very interesting!


I suggest this wording instead:

You are not allowed to vote on your own posts.

  • It’s not an error but an intended and very reasonable design decision.
  • Most users won’t know or care about the distinction between post and comment, and simpler is better.

Yeah, it seems fine.

Either that or we split it off into 2 different errors, so the “or” mental gymnastics vanishes.

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There a similar problem when clicking the number of votes in a post as an anonymous user. You get this error message:

An error occurred: You need to be logged in to do that.

  • Not an error but intended design.
  • “to do that” is a vague description.

Actually, maybe the solution is not a dialog at all but a link to log in? This is what happens when clicking any other option (i.e. upvoting) and it makes total sense.