"Summary timeline button" is gone

Looks like recent updates introduced something which prevents Summary timeline button to be displayed. It’s gone in our community and it doesn’t show up in Safe Mode either.

And is there a common thread to share opinion on recent UI/UX changes? I barely accept the new Sidebar, and now some admin dashboard buttons are now weird as hell after the latest rebuild within the same “major” version of tests-passed

3.1.0.beta2 ( 6fc2cded55 )

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Hey kinetiksoft :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help, can you provide a bit more info?

Indeed, I tried by myself from upgrading an “old” to the new Discourse version and this is broken, we’ll have a look at it.

Recent is subjective, and many things change over time.
Major changes usually have their own dedicated topic or tag, like sidebar, chat or Usercard Redesign Experiment

If you want to share opinion, feel free to participate in existing topics or open a new one in the proper category depending on what will be discussed :slight_smile:

Which buttons, and how weird?

Can you provide screenshots and tell us if you use custom themes or components?

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