Original text is not displayed when attempting to customize text as an admin

Hi, I tried to customize text recently and when I hit the edit button, the original text was not displayed.

How do I edit my custom text?

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It looks like you are running into the bug that was dealt with here: Changing systems welcome message. This should be fixed in the most recent version of Discourse. What version of Discourse is your site running?


I’m on version 2.4.0.beta6.


You need to update to latest.


The Admin dashboard says that we’re up to date.

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No, you are not on latest. That’s the beta. Try updating again.

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Updating to what, and how? I’ve only ever updated from the Admin dashboard when it says that I need to update.

Visit admin/update and press the update button.

@neil one downside of this new layout, it does not indicate how far behind people are behind latest…

Forgive me - I’m still not figuring it out.

On my /admin page, the only references I see to update are shown below.

Caption: Under Version I have an “You’re up to date!” notice and for Installed “2.4.0.beta6”

Caption: “Dashboard updated: just now” and “Discourse updated: 1 day ago”

If I try to navigate to discourse.nycedu.org/admin/update (in case that’s what you meant), I get the “Oops” page.

Sorry, I meant /admin/upgrade.

@neil I’m not happy that the current page gives people no clue whatsoever that they are far behind latest. I view this as a regression…


This is what it used to show:

It didn’t indicate how far you were from the latest commit, it only showed how many commits after the version bump commit you have, which isn’t very interesting.

I think there should always be a link to the upgrade page, and maybe also show how many commits you’re missing on the dashboard.


This worked. After I updated Docker, the dashboard also correctly displayed that we needed to upgrade.

I agree with this. It would have prevented the bug that I experienced above, where even through our Discourse was out of date, I didn’t have the Upgrade button available to me.

Also, yay! The original text is now displayed.


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