Super-category topics not showing in /latest

At the Fairphone forum we recently made a category rearrangement and since then the topics posted directly in a super-category don’t show up in the /latest view.
Our admin doesn’t seem to find the right setting to change that. Could someone give us a hint?

Also I noticed that badges based on topics that are now in a super category like “great topic” were revoked for these topics. I’m assuming that is related?

Does everyone have read access to the super-category?

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Yes, read and write.

We have one super-category + sub-categories that is hidden from /latest intentionally, but it too is generally visible and open to everybody.

There are a few possible options here:

  • Category has been configured to be hidden (in the category’s settings)
  • Category has been muted by the user,
  • Category has been set as the shared drafts category

Thanks. I don’t know which of these it was, but our admin now fixed it. The badges issue is still there though.

I liked this topic I hadn’t liked before (now 33 likes) and waited for two days as I know sometimes badges take sonme time, but the user still doesn’t have a “good topic” or even “nice topic” badge for it.

Hi All! I help moderate the forum for DroneDeploy and we are having a problem with posts submitted to the General super-category not showing up in Latest. If I change them to General/How To then they are visible. Any advice?