Support for Embeting AR content like USDZ files with Apple Quick Look

Today file upload support these file types:
jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, csv, gz, json, svg, mp4, txt, docx, mov, tex, zip, webm, heic, heif)

Is it possible to add USDZ (augmented reality file for Iphone) as a supportet file type? And Embet it with quick look?

…and maby glTF (android)

It comes usefull in a discourse forum for 3D cad modeling.

Testing it with this cool speaker from

The markup:

Uploaded file via composer: [t51-helmet.usdz|attachment](upload://jFx1C6poHlvJtfHUSK4TLCQ1I8P.usdz)

Linked image with HTML:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="image" class="resizable" width="333" height="500">


Uploaded file via composer: t51-helmet.usdz

Linked image with HTML:


Works on my iPad:

So it already kinda works if you enable the usdz extension on your site settings!

To make the user experience our TODOs here would be:

Serve .usdz with the proper MIME-type which is model/vnd.usdz+zip.

Allow list the attribute rel="ar" in a elements.

Auto add rel="ar" for .usdz uploads.

2 and 3 can be hacked using a theme-component, 1 needs core support.

That being said:

Looks like it would be easier to package this web component as a Discouse theme-component and it would be a cross-platform thing for everyone.