Support for full_screen_login feature like saml plugin

(Ismael Posada Trobo) #1

@eviltrout, any plans to add full_screen_login feature like saml plugin (discourse-saml/plugin.rb at master · discourse/discourse-saml · GitHub)?

OAuth2 Basic Support
(Robin Ward) #2

It’s not on my list in the foreseeable future. Maybe someone from the community can help out here.

(Nick Shearer) #3

I made a couple of PRs that would support this. Seems like it’s not possible to do it exclusively from the plugin side (unless all oauth2-basic plugins were full screen).

PRs are up at:

in case anyone wants to have a look at em.

Maybe there is a cleaner way but it wasn’t apparent to me.

Would resolve some UX issues around the popup window for those of us exclusively using an OAuth2 login.



(David Taylor) #7

Those PRs are now both merged. Thanks for the contributions @Nick_Shearer_nsheare :smiley:

(Nick Shearer) #8

thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

(David Taylor) #9

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