Support for Jupyter notebooks

Is there any plan to support Jupyter Notebook rendering support like GitHub?

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So I guess the request is this

When you add Jupyter Notebook or IPython Notebook files with a .ipynb extension on GitHub, they will render as static HTML files in your repository.

This is the first time this has been requested so it’s not on our immediate roadmap. It’s also pretty niche so there’s a good chance this would have to be a plugin.

Unless, is there a way this could be built as a onebox extension @techAPJ?


Yeah, I think this can be achieved by adding a custom onebox engine. Not on our roadmap though. #pr-welcome


@naveen1 maybe you know someone in the Jupyter community who’d be able to contribute to this? There’s no tutorial on adding custom onebox engines yet but there’s plenty of samples to look at, e.g.

and the devs can help troubleshoot roadblocks on #dev.


Was there any progress in this use case?

Maybe check here:


Conversation on this has begun over here:

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