Support more management to emoji reaction in chat?

I am running a community with retort plugin to react emojis to post, and I am considering to enable chat plugin.I find the emoji in Chat is different from emoji in post, using ChatEmojiPicker instead of EmojiPicker.

In my experience, some users will react offensive or bad emojis if there is no restriction. The chat plugin doesn’t support moderators to delete emojis or restrict user to use emojis in an allowed list. However, the reaction plugin can limit emojis to an allowed list, which is the similar feature I request below.

So, I request chat plugin to support:

  1. site setting to enable or disable emoji reaction in chat
  2. site setting to restrict emoji in an allowed list in chat if enabled emoji reaction
  3. moderators can delete emojis in chat.

Which of these options would you personally choose to use for the community you run and why?

With these options not being available at this time, how do you plan to handle the potential problem you foresee here?


I prefer to the second option.

I don’t enable chat due to this problem. If I met this problem without much management, I would like to warn these bad users and mute (I don’t know whether a muted user can react with emoji) them if they continue.


How would you feel about a denylist rather than an allowlist?

A Silenced user cannot react with emoji, so that is certainly a tool you currently have at your disposal.

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This is also OK but i’m afraid that it adds more complexity for developer to such a emoji picker?

If this is not a problem, I like a denylist more than an allowlist.

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We currently have this site setting to pick which emoji to show in the hover menu:

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.31.04 AM

I’m thinking a site setting with a similar UI could be used for restricted emoji reactions.

Whatever goes in that list would be removed from the options available in the picker. People would generally have freedom to use whatever they find, but as inappropriate ones are identified, admins could add them there to prevent them from being used.

An allow list could be better if sites really want to be selective about only allowing a small number of emoji to be used on the other hand…

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Also seconding a feature for emoji reaction management in chat. We probably can’t turn on chat for the whole forum until there’s a way to restrict emoji reaction in some way.

We have a community with a younger audience and certain emojis are already filtered in our forum (through Watched Words) and app community.

My personal preference was initially for a block list, but from feedback from another moderator on our forum, I guess an allow list would be preferable (like with the Reactions plugin).

There are a whole range of emojis that could be used for negative connotations and it would take really long to go banning them one by one
(e.g. here is a handful of the facial emojis :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :roll_eyes: :rage: :person_facepalming: )

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@davidb just landed this feature in core which allows you to configure an emoji deny list in your site settings which is respected by the emoji picker in chat: