Add ... option to Discourse Reactions

Add the moment discourse-reactions is limited to a static number of reactions.

In some communities it makes sense to give full flexibility so people can pick any reaction from the :rainbow: of emojis.

The idea would be

If enable all reactions is enabled for the plugin.

  1. Render a ... in the reaction menu
  2. When clicked let users pick from full reaction list
  3. Keep last 3 non standard choices in the default tray

@joffreyjaffeux any thoughts here


This would be nice. Instead of a ... for more options use the same icon as for chat. image. And also have a setting for banned reactions so emojis that can be considered toxic are unable to be used.


Should be very easy to do in itself.

However complexity will probably be around {{emoji-picker}}, might be the right time to move it from something we pull in various components, to something which is globally available. We would need to have it in body (mostly empty until first use) and use this one instance in every cases. Position would need to happen through popper most likely. I would recommend we do this task first, it will make this easier and also improve things in chat.


Now Retort is being retired, would it also be in scope for this feature to allow multiple emoji Reactions for a post too, in a similar way we have them for Chat messages?


It is certainly a different request. The UI for discoruse_reaction is designed around β€œsingle” reaction. It would need a major revamp to support multi reaction mode.


I would extend this feature request to also allow selecting from all available emojis (as stated here in the original topic post). I am looking for emoji reaction capability in the mold of Discord which Retort has offered for years. If Retort were to break since entering EOL, it would be a major blow to my userbase.

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